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Diet Automation System

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The purpose of this project is making a program that is prepared for a doctor or any person who interests this work and authorized persons find a solution patient problems fast.Thus,not to be some general procedures for dietitians to use over and over again, with the help of the program will be provided to patients faster treatment process.


Today many people search various methods for healthy eating and reaching ideal kilos.Some people ,with their own means,while following several tv programs, articles that written by several experts on magazine and newspaper,some find the solution of the problem in doctors or dietician.Eating even healthy eating is important as a big problem with a huge increase in fast food companies in the 21th century.According to researches,including our country(Turkey),obesity is increasing rapidly around the world.This disease initially is seem innocent is possible problem in the future.Eventually a lot of people get help different establishment.


The relation database which is designed has 16 entity.The entity named Hasta Kayit is almost associated all of entities.The reason for this is the patient that is center of the problem.

-According to scenario,a patient tell about its problem to the dietician and would like diet program for itself.
-Dietician initially receives the details about patient.
-Physical measurement of the patient who was received personel details are made.Thereafter,related patient is sent laboratuary and made various tests. -in this process,a lot of questions are asked as previosly whether or not spending such this disease,any patient is whether or not in family or relative,habit of patient is whether or not,medicine that is used by patient is whether or not.All of them are respectively associated as resume,family history,addiction and medicine entities.Such described the beginning of this project,the patient is in the center of problem and a lot of entities are associated the patient
-after receving the detail of patient in the process of treatment,namely after the patient is complete recognized by dietician, various tests are implemented to patient.These tests are like a survey.There will be different test in this structure.
the final stage of the scenario the dietician who recognized physical and mental details of the patient will be written diet schedule.After described informations on the above,design are coded in the Java programming language.Database that I used is Sql Server.

The following as below tests which is used that approved by some doctors:

Eating Test

1.) How many meals per a day ?
Two-1 point
Three 3-points
More than-5 points

2.) What do you eat at breakfast ?
Oatmeal, sausage, eggs-3 points
Plowed wheat bread Butter or margarine-5 points
Do not do breakfast-1 point

3.) What is usually the main meal ?
Fish, turkey or chicken, Schnitzel-4 points
Potatoes, vegetables, corn, salad-5 points
Offal, fried Schnitzel, sausages-0 points

4.) What do you frequently eat the main meal ?
Meat or fish-1 point
Potatoes, rice, vegetables, salad-5 points
Both of them-3 points

5.) What oil Do you use meals ?
Margarine, butter-1 point
Sunflower oil, corn oil-3points
Olive oil, canola oil-5 points

6.)How often do you eat fish ?
twice a year-1 point
twice a month-3 points
twice a week-5 points

7.)How often do you eat fresh fruit ?
Once a day-3 points
Several times per a day-5 points
Not every day-1 point

8.)How much water do you drink per a day ?
Three cups-1 point
Six cups-3 points
More than-5 points

9.) Which would you prefer to drink while thirsty?
Fruit juice, lemonade-3 points
Tea, water, fruit juice concentrate-5 points
Coffee, beer, cola-1 points

10 - Do you sow salt to your meal?
Rarely-4 points
Often-1 points
Never-4 points

11 - Do you smoke?
No-5 points
5 times per a day-3 points
more than 5  per a day-1 point
The program displays a number as shown below.

12 - How often do you exercise? 
At least 2 times per week-5 point
Regular, but climbing stairs, walking-3 points
In very rare-1 point
13 - How often do you get alcohol?
 Every day-1 point
3-5 times per week-3 points
Very rare-5 points
14 - What kind of meal you eat in?
Hastily-1 point
separating the time-6 points
TV, computer points in the face-1 point

15 - Cooking How do you schedule?
Open eat if I do not-1 point
Open hours of meals I eat when I-5 points
TV watching, computer head-0 points
I eat when I am angry and dayken

Detox Test:

1.What do you do first thing in the morning?
  a. Start to wake up the next day
  b. Is beyond 10 minutes after the alarm to sound
  c. 1 hour sleep.

2.Every day how many hours do you sleep?
  a. 5 -6 hours
  b. 5 hours or less
  c. More than 8 hours

3.Do you snor?
  a. Not that I know.
  b. The food or become ill, yes
  c. Definitely yes.

4.Do you use sleeping pills?
  a. Never
  b. Sometimes
  c. Every night

5.Everyday few cups of tea or coffee do you drink?
  a. 4 or more, no sugar.
  b. Between 4-8 cups, sugar-free
  c. More than 8 cups, sugar-free. (Sugary drink, the total score for each glass, add 2 points)

6. How many grams of chocolate and sweets do you eat each day?
  a. 100 grams or less
  b. Between 100-200 grams
  c. More than 200 grams

7.Please select the following options that are close to you
  a. Do you smoke?
  b. Day 2 (for women), 3 (for men) Are you drinking more than glasses
  c. Do you use a tranquilizer
  d. Therapeutic purposes, have continually using drugs?

8.Which description best fits the following exercise habits?
   a. sport center on most days of the week
   b. I do sports 3-4 times a week for half an hour
   c. I do sports, I create always an excuse.

9.How much time do you separate your personal hobbies?
  a. At least a week for 4 hours
  b. Less than 4 hours per week
  c. I have no time to devote to hobbies

10.The seat collapsed upon his return from work, sleep, do have a snack and watching the dive series?    
  a. Never
  b. Most of the time
  c. Almost every time

11.Do not be in place is pushing in a moment of sleep?
  a. No
  b. Rarely
  c. Very often

12.Do you feel fatigued most of the time itself?
  a. No
  b. Long, prompt, and then the last one week
  c. Every time I wake up in the morning, even almost

13.Sindirim difficulty, abdominal bloating, digestive problems such as bowel syndrome have?
  a. No
  b. Sometimes it does not know me good food, especially tüketince
  c. Yes, after almost every meal

14.Is there a regular eating habits?
  a. Yes, but I always geçiremeyebiliyorum life
  b. Most of the time, not
  c. Almost never. I have no time to make breakfast in the day so I eat dinner 

15. How would you rate the state of stress of your life?
  a. Stress? I have never heard that word before.
  b. Can streslenmez once in a while we all dear?
  c. Stress my best friend

Hypoglycemia Test:

1.The desire to eat something sweet
2.Meal jumps unrest
3.Feeling tired and sluggish jumps Meal
4.Suddenly he stood up, dizziness
5.Frequent headaches
6.Forgetfulness or lack of concentration
7.About an hour after dinner, a feeling of tiredness
8.Heart palpitations
9.Once in a shake
10.Afternoon fatigue
11.An occasional blurred vision
12.Depression or mood variable
14.Ansiyete or irritability frequently	 	 	 	 	 	 
Please evaluate between 0 and 3 points above sentences.		 	 
Less than 5 points: Hypoglycaemia is not possible
6-15 points: Hypoglycaemia is possible
More than 15 points: Hypoglycaemia is extremely unlikely	

a series image of program are shown below.

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