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The purpose of this project is to write this game in C programming language since versions of windows spelled minesweeper that has become a classic game.Report’s codes of the game are shared to develop a similar model.

Mayin tarlasi


The game world develops fast today.In addition to these games that spectacular 3-Dimensional graphical,nobody can not give up minesweeper even which have since childhood. Furthermore,programmers publish on various platforms that make new versions of this game.Also there are lovers of this game that played by people of all ages.


Minesweeper is a mental game.The basic purpose of the game is avoiding mined areas by opening empty squares.if mined area is checked,game ends.

İf you check non-mined area,it will seem numerical expression on area.These numerical values which are to contact the opened box that indicates how many mines.Thus the person who plays the game will can open the boxes safely.Safe I said,I would like to touch on flags and question marks.Flags are inserted on mined areas.The reason for this as I mentioned above,suspected mined areas are checked with helping flags and person who plays the game goes on safely in its direction.Also question marks are symbols that inserting temporary at the indeterminate state.


Firstly,the user who runs the game will see from 0 to 14 numbers in the face of and minesweeper schema under screen.These numbers are which easy to play means that user want to open which box that indicates coordinate system.Thus,user will enter coordinate points so will open boxes.if the user want to access flags or question marks continuously during the game,it will insert these symbols on fields that indicated index points by dialing choosing that represented demand.Because at the every spurt these offers are given user if it wants.

There is right until total number of mines.if the user open the mined box during the game,the game is over.In addition,if a flag is put on a non-mined box and the user encounter mined box in another spurt,it will shown cross mark on mined box.

I would like to touch on score system unlike Microsoft s design.if the user can put to achieve on all of mined box(seamlessly),it will gain 525 point that the maximum point of the game.Namely,if the user can put on non-mined box,score system s acceleration will decrease 2.5 fold.This event is repeated every,will be taken maximum score will decrease as the same ratio.There are from 1 to 20 points on the field that has 20 bombs.For every right flag spurt,points are collected by multiplied by available acceleration ratio one by one(ascending).The score system of the game is designed in this way

At the every runnig the game,mines are put by computer in different regions.Once and for all,at the every spurt,user s own coordinate numbers will be informed to user.As I mentioned before,this matter is for easy to play.


Minesweeper is which people of all ages still happy to play created as described above.I suggest person that have not played yet this mental game,furthermore I recommend this cheerful game to programmers for writing it =)


application of the project file can be downloaded here

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