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NFC Mobile Payment System

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The purpose of this project is learning NFC technology and building a mobile payment system using NFC. The introduction of designed payment system is performed for shopping in the supermarkets. The project of NFC Mobile Payment System was designed for Istanbul Commerce University Graduated Project in 2013.

NFC(Near Field Communication)

Near Field Communication is a technology, shortly known as NFC, allows compatible devices make data transfer approximately 4 cm using radio frequency field. NFC has some advantages such as transmission rate, easy to use and flexibility, especially it continues to be very popular technology for mobile payment systems. NFC mobil payment systems has tangible samples Both in Turkey and Europe, it continues to increase its application samples.


Market Software

The customer comes across the smartsafe after shopping in the supermarket. The following images are displays of smartsafe used in market. The smartsafe greets customers as displays welcome message and waits for shopping transaction.

The animation basket

The animation basket

The animation Lütfen Ürünü Okutunuz

The shopping starts after customer push the button named 'Alışverişe Başla' and waits scanning of the first product taken by customer. The customer make scan its product via barcode reader in next to smartsafe and the shopping basket frame is displayed in the following.

Shopping Frame - 1

The frame in the above supplies informations for customers such as which products are taken, how many products are taken and how much total purchase cost. The customer can complete or cancel the available shopping after had scan its products via barcode reader. If the customer would like to complete its shopping, it pushes the button named 'Alışverişi Tamamla' and see the following confirmation frame.

Shopping Frame - 2

The customer confirmed its shopping is referred payment frame is diplayed in the below. The payment frame supplies a display that simulates logical communication between a mobile and NFC tag. The smartsafe starts to wait while the customer will put on its mobile and pay. The avarage waiting time is 60 minutes.

Payment Frame - 1

The customer approches to NFC reader next to smartsafe by its mobile and waits approximately one or two seconds. The communication between NFC reader and mobile starts in very short time. In this context, shopping transaction starts and it is active. The message that says about waiting of customer at this time.

Payment Frame - 2

The shopping process changes according to status of the cost of products taken by customer and pre defined balance of customer in bank. The shopping process is completed without asking for confirmation and display result frame in the below, if pre defined balance of customer by mobile in bank is bigger than cost of shopping or equals.

In opposite situtation of condition described in the above, if pre defined balance of customer in bank is smaller than cost of shopping, the system sends verification sms that says that must entered password. This is a sms that transmitted from bank account server to customer for security. The password information that must entered by customer and the cost of shopping are displayed in sms message.

The part of this message is given in the below. According to message, the pre defined balance of Fatih Kabakci that defined by mobile in bank is 20 TL. Sms message was received by bank account server after the shopping have the value 29 TL.

The opened shopping transaction will be terminated successfully by market software as closing if the customer sends password defined in its account. The customer have 60 seconds for payment. If any reading is done in 60 seconds, the shopping is terminated unsuccessfully. The smartsafe lets to customer for payment in 60 seconds. In this result, new balance of the customer is updated rather old. The frame images are available in the end of shopping in the below.

Successful Shopping Transaction

Unsuccessful Shopping Transaction

The sms shows final situtation of shopping is displayed in the following.

Mobile Software

The customer mobile application that used for mobile payment system is displayed in this section. The application is written in J2ME Platform as MIDP 2.1 profile and CLDC 1.0 configuration.

The users will download on Nokia Store see the following frame. First of all, application asks for whether customers have NFC bank account or not. If the users do not have a bank account, they records in system.


The users can show and update theirs total balance and pre defined balance in bank account. The sending password is also used in this application using web services.


Web Software

The market software and mobile software use .Net web services for bank account and shopping operations.Two web services were defined because of simplicity. NFCWebService and SMSManagerWebService.

NFC Web Service

SMS Manager Web Service

Database Software

Market database and NFC bank database were created in Sql Server. NFC bank account includes the following fields.
  1. ID
  2. RFID
  3. Name
  4. Surname
  5. Pre Defined Balance
  6. Balance
  7. Phone Number
  8. password

External Hardware

The external hardware that are used in this project are displayed in the below. OBID Reader, Zebex Barcode Reader and Nokia 603 Mobile Phone are shown sequentially in the below.


It was made designing of mobile payment system using NFC technology in this study. It was made smartsafe software used in market, the software used for smartphones that users used for shopping and could account details, the web software is supplied by bank for customers and market, the software of reader existed in smartsafe and a database software stores both bank and market data in background in this system.

The software of smartsafe and reader was occured in Java Platform. As web Software and SMS server are run .NET platform, J2ME is used for mobil software. The used database is also SQL Server.

You can get the thesis of this project on here

Note: This project reached final in the competition CardSmart Award Software and Payment Systems.

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