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OGS KGS Simulation

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The purpose of this project is making a OGS program that using in bridge and highway systems and analysing the cameras using in this sector to simulate in Java Applet platform.This project is reasearched within Digital Signal Processing literature at the same time.


Plate recognition system is an application that recognizing vehicles(automobile, bus, truck etc.) by looking theirs plate as a unmanned.It is image recognition tecnhonolojy because of using images that coming by camera for recognition plates.


The image is received by plate recognition system and recognized and analysed automatically by the software.It has higher ability than the eyes of people non affected day and night, summer and winter temperature differences by using infrared and filters by the software.

Technological infrastructure:

  • Camera: it is used to receive images.
  • Lighting: it is to receive images light source(generally infrared) at the same quality in all conditions.
  • Catching frame: it is interface to ability to read data that works between computers and cameras.
  • Computer: it is machine to ability to run all of applications that reads and writes the plates in windows and linux operation systems .
  • Software: it is a required program for reading process.
  • Hardware: They are pieces and chips that checks,communicate and organize between computers and cameras.
  • Database: it is kind of data bank that is saved previously registered data.Reading,writing and updating is possible here.
  • IR-Infrared:it is named to receive image of camera-IR.it is needed at low light environment and it works well.IR lighting has been using because of normal lamp and lighting can cause light flashes are mostly for cameras at a very dark environments.it can be received very quality images are morning and night by IR lighting.IR can not be seem by the people because of the emitted light is smaller than wawelength that can be seem by the eye of people.so cameras can hide out.

Digital I/O(Dijital I/O)

Digital input output is a element is one of the camera components that ability to get and process data at bit level on its own.

Serial Port(Seri Port)

Serial port is a physical interface that abitility to communicate as serial and bit level with the environment.it can be named as a connector.


Lenses can reflect the light properly. The quality of lens also specifies the quality of the photo will be taken.Generally there are more than one eyepieces in lenses.Besides according to properties of these eyepieces determine the quality of lenses.The lenses are sorting according to angle which can see.The using quality of lens affects the quality of the camera screen directly.if an image of poor quality is used to,even the best quality camera does not work efficiently.
Constant lenses are used places(office,home,shop,factory etc.) where is less than exchange of the lights and uses constant lighting.if milimeters of the lens decrease,the viewpoint of lens broaden and the line of sight dicreases.
Auto iris lenses, are prefered places where is too much exchange of the lights.Camera digital processor must be used if the image deteriorates because of exchange of the lights.
Varifocal lenses , are prefered adjustment of line of sight.


The units of plate recognition is a system which is used for receive to define images of plate.The image is received by plate recognition system and is analysed to define automatically by the software. The software uses the filters through the day and night, summer and winter due to the use of infrared light as affected by differences even in the human eye is capable of high definition. As an example, who tried to quit 34.. bridge. vehicle plate is detected by the system. Driver who is reading the plate number, vehicle output is determined whether or not permission. If you have permission to open the vehicle barrier. Vehicle plates, license plate recognition systems are not standard sizes and material of each plate is arranged to read the extra information that it contains some plates have often been observed in practice to be ignored. This may expose unnecessary parts of the system in the image. (Country flags, state name, date plate, seal, etc.).


Design and simulation systems are examined in the light of the above information was prepared.

You can go application file here

Note 1:KGS gate is opened by -a- key on keyboard when the cars arrive.
Note 2:Please press Enter to close info screen.According to scenario,plate numbers of some cars that have stellate symbol on its own are not registered in system. so after was catched cars by the system,The plate info port will be seem on the screen.

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