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Pharmacy Automation

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Owner and writer:Fatih KABAKCI

The purpose of this project is to write an automation program in C programming language that under the named Eczane Automation learning automation concept and it used to understand for what purpose.



With developing the technology, People felt the need for automation that produced by several firms and facilitate pharmacist’s work as in every sector also health sector.It is important that both minimizing the risk of error in terms and performance in terms that Instead of stored manual the records stored in the computer environment in a pharmacy.


There must be some properties in a pharmacy automation.For instance,input,output and record of medicine or records of recipe for patients etc.Such properties must be in a pharmacy necessarily.Certainly it can be added to needs and demands more function as the above features In addition,it is ensured searching and listing medicine,deleting records and searching record of any patient when it is necessary in produced pharmacy automation.


At the design stage,principally,it is ensured to options for what any pharmacist wants under the menu. The pharmacist access to achieve the purpose with options the in front of.
Menu screen
1.) recording the medicine
2.) medicine sales
3.) adding the medicine
4.) searching the medicine
5.) medicine list
6.) deleting the medicine
7.) counting the storage
8.) recording the recipe
9.) searching the recipe
10.) Reset
0.) Exit
It is realized to build automation system for a fictitious pharmacy.The above list is menu screen area that main part of automation.


The project’s menu view is as following.

Eczane Menu
application of the project file can be downloaded here

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