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RideShare PHP Application

Last update:5/9/2018 10:00:00 PM

Owner: Northwestern Polytechnic University

Web and Database Developer: Fatih KABAKCI

Rideshare is web based project to bring together co-workers and neighbors who are going towards the same way. It separates AM and PM trips to fit user's work schedule. User can Ride or drive according to meet his/her daily needs. Rideshare algorithm identifies the most efficient trip based on the fastest route, nearby users. Initially payment system is based on gas sharing first. Later on, other payment method like PayPal will be implemented. Once Rideshare website implemented successfully then we are going to implement mobile app. Rideshare website helps people to build new connection and have more energy every day, and make the most of their time. Rideshare website unlock new opportunities to make friendships, improve your well-being, and make the most of your valuable time.

Matching criteria

We use basically mile distance information to understand if the request road paths are included to the offer road paths. Let's assume that someone is going to Fremont from San Francisco as a driver. There is a rider who wants to go to Hayward from Oakland. These two trip should match if they are both agree. Because the road between Oakland and Hayward is part of the road between San Francisco and Fremont. In other words, rider road map is a subset of the driver road map. The rider is internal part of the driver.

If the driver goes somewhere that is an outside of his roadmap which will give the driver hard time by taking his time too much for that trip, the system never matches him with someone that requests kind of that trip.

For example, let's keep same example that there is a trip from San Francisco to Fremont. This time there is another rider who wants to go to Santa Clara from Palo Alto. In this case, these rides will never match. Because the roadmap from Santa Clara to Palo Alto is not an internal roadmap of San Francisco and Fremont.

There are 4 parameters shown in the following.

Driver own mile is a mile that is between where the driver is and where the driver wants to go to. Pick up mile is a mile that is between where the driver and rider are. Drop off mile is a mile that is between where the rider is and where the rider wants to go to.

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